New movie coming soon.

2010-07-30 21:33:10 by Jombo1

Yeah. Soon. About the time I get off my ass and stop playing Osu! and Stepmania, which will probably be a few months from now. kbye.

Here's a screenshot: nim.PNG

oh, shit

2010-05-12 19:50:57 by Jombo1

Yet another video is out. holy bajesus. Click "Abercity"

Yeeaaaah baby

2009-11-12 23:12:22 by Jombo1

A new video has been released. Check it ouuuttt. I worked long and hard on it, vote 5 >:C

Hey guyths

2009-06-27 18:59:48 by Jombo1

Just wanted to say thanks everyone for enjoying my video, WKUK RR. Totally unexpected lol ;p


2008-07-02 03:04:55 by Jombo1

Not really, because I can't even kick a ball. Fuck me.

But, if you haven't seen the All-Star Collab, go check it out. I'm in it.

"most of the animations made me laugh (I loved the one that dude tries to kick the ball 8x and then just gives up and runs with the ball to the goal)" - xKingArthur

"Will Jombo ever manage to kick the ball?" - skinnyeddy

"Jombo, absolutely hilarious. Hands down the best piece in this collab, great work." - 2good2b4goten

"all i can say is wow that was great i loved the one with the 8 attempts at the goal thanks for a great animation guys" - lucifer333

"jombo is to retarted to kick a ball!" - brfw

And a number of quotes from TeamXHawk:

"Everyone loves Jombo lol :P He was awesome."

"The 8 attempts at goal was Jombo's :P Glad you liked it. And I'm sure he's glad too."

"I promise I'll ask Jombo to make some more attempts :P"

ROFL I love you guys.
I might of missed a few.

Right now I'm finishing up my collaboration parts for The Indestructible Collab and The Badass Collab. I'm sure there are way more collabs that I'm in but that's all I can think of right now...

I'm making a couple good animations so look out for that. I'll post some later...

And if you have the time, check out these sites. I'm addicted to them right now. I want to see some of your creations! r.php#.

That's all I wanted to say for now, because it's almost 12:00pm and I'm bored. So yeah

Eric DeRienzo (Jombo)

P.S. Oh yeah, I'm also in the Kickman Collab II. Watch that if you havent already. :P ?t=58668

God I hope those italics work....


Welcome Newgrounders!

2008-05-11 23:47:43 by Jombo1

Hey all you Newgrounds members! As you can see I'm fairly new at this place. I have some experience with Flash and can make some pretty good animations. Stick animations, that is. Of course I don't really know why you would give a shit, so I guess there's no point of reading this.

Anyway, I'm administrating an animation forum called AnimationUnderground. We have a small amount of members and would be glad if you take a look at it. And sign up. And be an active member. And contribute to the site. Whatever. Fuck.
Click Fag.

Also, go to my Minicity and help raise the population! All you have to do is visit that page once and you're already helping! Go go go!

So there. Go away. If you want to see some of my old animations, check out my YouTube page!

Jombo %u2665